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In White Glove Moving & Storage’s 29+ years of experience, we have had the joy and sometimes displeasure of working with a number of vendors around the state. We have heard the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to a number of industries. As a well rounded company that understands we need to be knowledgeable in all aspects of our field, we put together a program we call the White Glove Moving & Storage Elite Services Division.

Helping people move is only 1 part of what we do. As our motto says, “We move families, not homes.” In providing a full service, we are often asked about recommendations for many industries associated with moving such as landscapers, handymen, dog walkers and the list goes on and on. White Glove has put together our Elite Services Division to help people find trusted and quality services.  Our comprehensive list of elite services in your area will make the process of moving and finding quality services a little easier.

How to use our Elite Services platform

Please see list of areas to the left that each have a specific set of preferred vendors.

Each area is then further broken down in towns, each with their own information.

Any questions or if you are interested in having your company featured can be directed to dan@whiteglovemoving.us or to 201-705-1996.

New Jersey Information

For your convenience, White Glove has also put together a list of information about the state. You will find link below for state government information. There is more specific information listed with each county. We have also included links that will lead to some fun facts about New Jersey.


NJ Government NJ Fun Facts Landmarks


You may also reference www.nj.gov for any additional information.

Thank you for your interest in White Glove’s Elite Services Program!


New Jersey Elite Services