If you are in need of storage in NJ, White Glove Moving and Storage in New Jersey can provide you with a whole host of storage solutions to best fit your needs.  White Glove has multiple state of the art storage facilities in New Jersey that are equipped with the most up to date technology the moving industry has to offer.

When White Glove moves a customer into storage, our New Jersey Movers come to your home and wrap and pack everything and ensure all your items are prepared to come into storage.  Once your items arrive at our storage facility, the foreman of your moving crew will check the inventory, tag each specific item, and make sure all items are properly placed into storage to minimize the risk of any damages.  Your sales representative will have already gone over with you the costs associated with your specific storage plan, and will always be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns while your items are in storage.  Your sales representative will also provide you with a quote to move out of storage to your final destination.  Once your items arrive out of storage, the movers will unwrap them and place them within the home exactly where you would like.

Please call us at 1-800-340-1911 or go directly to our website at  One of our professional and knowledgeable sales representatives will consult with you to discuss your needs and to answer any questions of concerns you might have about White Glove Services. We can also begin tailor-fitting a move plan that meets and exceeds your needs.