NJ Movers

White Glove Moving & Storage got our start in New Jersey back in 1988. As such, we are one of the oldest and largest family-owned, independent NJ movers. We take great pride in this fact because it allows us to tailor our services to each client’s needs, rather than following an impersonal, boiler-plate, corporate agenda.

For example, our entire company follows a Moving Green philosophy, prioritizing fuel consumption and recycled materials wherever and whenever we can. We also offer an exceptional rewards program for word-of-mouth referrals. And we’re known in this area for being the go-to resource for interior designers who need professional assistance with receiving, warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery services

Choose the NJ Movers with an A+ rating with the BBB! Not only that, a 5-star rating with a variety of online review sites are further proof that we’re doing our job right. You deserve to experience a local, long-distance or corporate move that is completely hassle-free. To that cause, our highly-trained team is dedicated to providing meticulously organized moves where we do all the work, and you watch the logistics of your move fall into place one step at a time.

White Glove Moving provides local, long-distance and commercial moving services, as well as all the little extras such as packing, loading/unloading, and more. We can also assist you with both short- and long-term storage options, whether you need more time to find a new home or have excess belongings that you’d like to store separately.

Contact us here at White Glove Moving & Storage to discuss your upcoming move in or around New Jersey. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate for you and discuss our full-service moving menu options. 1-800-340-1911.

NJ Movers

Local & Long-Distance Moving To & From New Jersey

Whether you’re simply moving from one neighborhood to another, are bidding farewell to New Jersey forever or are about to make the Garden State your own, White Glove Moving & Storage is pleased to make your acquaintance. When it gets right down to it, your belongings deserve every bit as much care and attention for a move a few miles away as they do for a move that takes you 3,000 miles away.

For this reason, we believe our local and long-distance moving clients deserve the same level of courteous, attentive and professional moving services no matter how close or how far they’re moving.

Our moving services can be chosen a la carte, to assist you with a DIY move, or we can mix-and-match the ones you require for a full-service moving experience.

Professional Packing Services. Maybe your family and friends are ready and willing to help you move on the weekend, but what about all that’s required to get you there? The NJ Movers of the White Glove Moving team is happy to help you with all of your packing needs, from providing ample packing materials – boxes, paper, tape, bubble wrap, blankets/pads, etc. – to lending a hand or taking over the packing completely. You let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it. We are happy to work alongside you, or we can do all of the packing for you while you’re at work or enjoying quality time with the ones you love. Nothing beats professional packing services when it comes to protecting breakables, valuables, and collectible items before they are stacked and transported.

Moving Art, Fine Furniture & Antiques. Some belongings need special treatment to prevent permanent damage. These include things like art, fine furniture, antiques, pianos, delicate equipment and other collectibles. These items require customized boxes, crates and packing materials or they won’t weather the move damage free and/or intact. Trust White Glove to give your valuable furniture and furnishings the white glove treatment they deserve. This includes special shipping and receiving services if necessary.

Loading & Unloading Your Moving Truck. Even if you rent a truck, loading and unloading your items can take longer than anticipated, and this can lead to unnecessary stress. Improper loading techniques can also lead to harm to both yourselves and your furnishings. The White Glove Moving & Storage team is on hand to help you move your items safely into and/or out of the truck, using ergonomically-friendly assistance by way of dollies and other tools of the trade. You’ll benefit from a moving truck that is loaded and packed properly, minimizing the amount of movement your belongings experience along the road.

Long- and Short-term Storage. Storage units are lifesavers for many households due to the unknowns involved in an upcoming move. Moving often requires taking longer than planned to find “just the right place,” downsizing or trying to figure out what should stay and what should go. White Glove Moving & Storage will take care of all of your storage needs. We will let you know what size unit makes the most sense for its planned contents, and we’re happy to move your belongings both into and out of the unit when you are ready for them.

Don’t see a service you need listed here? Give us a call at 1-800-340-1911 or contact us online and ask us. We make it a point to tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs. After more than 25 years in business as a New Jersey moving company, we’re confident we have a solution to any question or problem you are facing.

NJ Movers for Commercial Moving and Office Relocation

If there’s one thing we love here at White Glove Moving & Storage, it’s a challenge. Commercial moves are some of the most logistically challenging moves to facilitate. When we work with your office manager or administrators, we listen. The ultimate goal is to provide a stress-free move for all of your employees, and one that allows you to get back to business-as-usual as soon as possible, with minimal to no downtime.

From breaking down and packing fragile or high-tech equipment and office technology to meticulously organizing, packing and labeling each worker station, we work efficiently to get your business packed, relocated and unpacked again in accordance with your schedule.

Experience What a Professional, Stress-Free Move is All About

In addition to exemplary customer service and a highly-trained moving team, White Glove Moving & Storage offers little extras that make our moving company stand out from the rest. All of our employees wear black-and-white uniforms, which add credibility and a professional edge to your move – be it residential or commercial.

We also provide you with 100% accurate and binding quotes. We don’t give you one price and then hand you a bill with another, higher quote as the result of extra time, labor, materials, etc. Instead, you’ll receive a fixed quote, based on our thorough pre-move estimate. After nearly three decades in the moving business, we know exactly how to budget our time, miles, labor and materials – and our clients reap the benefits of this by obtaining estimates they can trust – meaning your final bill will match your contracted estimate every single time.

Finally, we are proud to offer a Rewards Program for customers who refer us to their friends, co-workers, colleagues or family. Every time we complete a move for someone who received a word-of-mouth referral from you, we’ll reward you with an AMEX gift card.

Ready to schedule your next local or long-distance move? Contact us here at White Glove Moving & Storage and we will show you how effortless moving can be. 1-800-340-1911.