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If you are searching for a Hoboken moving company, look no further.  White Glove Moving has been consistently rated as one of the top moving companies in Hoboken.  Whether you need movers in Hoboken to move from one part of town to another or across the country, White Glove can provide you with a tailor-fitted move plan to ensure all of your moving needs are met.  We offer full-service packing and self-packing options that will fit any budget and our movers are some of the most highly trained and skilled in the industry.

Please call us at 1-800-340-1911.  One of our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional sales staff members would be happy to speak with you to further explain just why we should be your Hoboken movers.  We offer free in-home estimates that will leave you with an accurate quote for your move.

We are licensed to perform intrastate moves within the states of NYC and New Jersey, and can relocate our customers to any location in the continental United States.

Hoboken Movers White Glove Moving and Storage Hoboken, NJ

Customized Moving Options Make  for Stress-Free Moves

Moving is considered one of the Top 5 life stresses, but that’s not the case when you choose White Glove Moving & Storage to take care of the logistics for you. After nearly 30 years in the moving industry, White Glove Moving is on the oldest and biggest independently operated movers in New Jersey. We’re also a favorite, as our positive customer ratings can tell you.

We’re proud of this fact because our ability to remain independent means we get to do our job as we see fit, customizing our services to meet each household or business’s needs. For some, we provide full, white glove moving services so homeowners or renters don’t have to move a single finger from start to finish. Others hire us for only one or two of our individual moving services, helping their move to go more smoothly. White Glove Moving & Storage is fully licensed and insured, which is just one more thing that sets us apart from other independent movers.

Whether you take advantage of professional packing and unpacking, the loading, transportation and unloading of your furniture from one home to another, or you hire us to relocate your commercial business, the Hoboken movers on the White Glove Moving team is eager to show you why we remain Hoboken’s favorite local and long distance movers.

Are you getting ready to plan your next move? Contact us for a free in-home consultation. We’ll provide you with a itemized quote with a firm, total estimate at the bottom. When you get your final moving bill, we promise the total will match your firm estimate, with no hidden or surprise charges for you to worry about.

Give us a call and experience moving the White Glove way. 1-800-340-1911

Local and Long Distance Moving To & From Hoboken

Our founders and owners got their start working as movers way back when. It didn’t take too long before they realized that local and long distance moving services are pretty similar when it comes to the importance of quality packing, stacking and loading. The only difference is the mileage driven in between Point A and Point B.

For this reason, White Glove Moving provides local moving clients with the same level of top-notch service that we offer clients who are moving long distance. We’ll customize your services to meet your needs using one or more of the following moving services.

Packing materials and supplies. The quality of your packing and moving supplies matters. Old and reused boxes may be fine for miscellaneous goods or toys. However, dishes, kitchenware, breakables and more specialized items – like flat-screen TVs, audio equipment, computers, etc. – need high-quality boxes that are built for stability and protection. Our boxes, paper, bubble wrap and tape can be delivered to your home whenever you’re ready for them. Then, it’s up to you whether you choose to host a packing party or hire White Glove Moving to do the packing for you.

Professional packing. We offer multiple levels of professional packing services according to our clients’ needs, interests and budgets. From bronze to platinum, you can choose whether or not our team packs the basics or the entire contents of your home. We understand that some people prefer to pack their personal essentials or immediate go-to items themselves, while others are thrilled to come home from work and have everything done for them. Our estimator will be happy to help you determine which level makes the most sense for your household. Read our Packing Services page for more details.

Special treatment for art and antiques. While we put extra care and attention towards anything we pack, there are certain items that require even more special treatment. These include things such as art, sculptures, antiques, fine furniture or valuable collectibles. Heirloom china and breakables also fall into this category. Our team will take extra special care to ensure these items are packed, moved and/or shipped using the industry’s best practices, which may include the use of custom-built and reusable crates or containers. We can also help you with professional shipping and receiving, including those necessary for international moves.

Loading and unloading. Sometimes, our customers prefer to rent a truck of their own for their local or long distance move. That’s great, but moving day goes much smoother when you have extra hands on deck, especially when that includes expert moving truck loaders. Do you know which items should be secured in the back and along the sides and which can float on top? Do you know how to accurately wrap and pad furniture and furnishings to minimize movement and prevent damage as the result of continuous vibrations or contact during the ride to their new  home? We sure do. Having us there on moving day and/or unloading day can make all the difference and can save you hours and hours of time and fatigue – plus, it helps your furniture and furnishings to arrive save and sound.

We Provide Short & Long-Term Storage Options for Your Hoboken Move

You  may not even realize you need storage until you begin packing and loading the truck. Maybe your move requires downsizing. Perhaps packing highlighted you have more stuff than you need and you would like to store some of it before making a final decision about what stays and what goes. Often, our long-distance clients choose to keep their items in storage while they get settled in, find the perfect next home or to do a bit of road trip traveling along their way to their new home.

Whatever the case, White Glove Moving & Storage can provide storage facilities at your location of choice. We own and operate state-of-the art storage facilities in and around the states of New Jersey and New York. These often include the convenient use of custom-built containers that are easily shipped or delivered when you’re ready for them. If your move will take you out of state and you would prefer to have your belongings stored there, we’ll connect you with the most reputable storage facilities in the area and make all the arrangements for you.

What Makes White Glove Moving the Best Hoboken Movers?

First, we feel that our service, efficiency, and streamlined approach makes us the best and most organized moving company in New Jersey. In addition to our customer-centric business model we:

We take professionalism seriously. One of the things our clients notice right away is our employees’ commitment to professionalism and customer service. Our entire staff wears recognizable uniforms, our fleet is clearly marked with the White Glove logo and is maintained on a regular basis and our boxes and packing supplies are also logo-ready and above standard quality. Our ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations so you never dread moving again.

Focus on Green moving practices. Wherever transportation is involved, there is an obligation to be as efficient as possible. Here at White Glove Moving, we make moving green another part of our Hoboken moving company – with no extra charge for our customers. For example, all of our estimators drive hybrid vehicles, saving thousands of gallons of fuel every year. We compound those savings by turning off the trucks in our fleet, preventing them from wasting gas while idling. Our packing and moving supplies are made from recycled content and we use durable reusable crates for our commercial moving clients as much as possible.

We offer an awards program. If you refer a family member, colleague or friend to White Glove Moving, we honor you when their move is complete by providing you with an AMEX gift card. Our reward program is just one small way we can say thank you for making us one of the highest-rated moving companies in New Jersey.

Ready to experience how easy moving can be? Contact White Glove Moving and Storage. We’ve taken the moving experience to a whole different level and we can’t wait to show you how stress-free it can be. 1-800-340-1911