Weehawken Movers

If you are searching for Weehawken movers, look no further.  White Glove Moving has been consistently rated as one of the top moving companies in Weehawken.  Whether you need movers in Weehawken to move from one part of town to another or across the country, White Glove can provide you with a tailor-fitted move plan to ensure all of your moving needs are met.  We offer full-service packing and self-packing options that will fit any budget and our movers are some of the most highly trained and skilled in the industry.

Please call us at 1-800-340-1911.  One of our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional sales staff members would be happy to speak with you to further explain just why we should be your Weehawken movers.  We offer free in-home estimates that will leave you with an accurate quote for your move.

We are licensed to perform intrastate moves within the states of NYC and New Jersey, and can relocate our customers to any location in the continental United States.

Weehawken Movers

Moving yourself is a nightmare, but trusting the wrong company to move your belongings is even worse. That’s why Weehawken families consistently hire White Glove Moving and Storage, a moving company with a proven record, a commitment to customer satisfaction and enough experience to handle any logistical challenge you throw their way.

White Glove Moving & Storage is one of the largest, family-owned and independently operated moving companies in the state of New Jersey. We own and operate our own modern fleet of moving trucks with the company logo, our highly-trained and dedicated team wears professional uniforms and we all vow to move your household as if you were members of our own families.

Whether you’re planning a local or long-distance move for your home or business, the White Glove Moving team has all of your needs covered. We’re here to provide just one or two moving services if that’s all you need to facilitate your journey, or we’re happy to put together a full-service moving package so you don’t have to lift a single finger as your household and/or business is packed, loaded, unloaded and unpacked at your final destination.

We invite you to read our customer testimonials to learn more about why our moving business is so successful. Then, we invite you to contact us online or give us a call directly so you can experience moving the White Glove way – no worries, no stress, no problems.

Hire a Trustworthy Weehawken Moving Company For Your Local or Long-Distance Move

Your furniture and household belongings deserve the very best care as they’re packed away, loaded, transported and unloaded again. It doesn’t take much vibration, jostling, bumps or knocks to do irreparable damage where you least expect it. That’s why the White Glove Moving team puts as much care and consideration into the packing and moving for local moves as we do for the long-distance journeys.

A poorly packed and loaded moving truck will do as much damage in a five-mile journey as it will in a 5,000 mile trip if you aren’t careful. The following are a list of our most popular moving services – all designed to transport your items safely from your current home to the next. Choose to use one or combine them all – we’re here to serve you in whatever capacity you need to enjoy a stress-free move.

Home delivery of packing supplies. Don’t you wish you knew exactly how many boxes, and which sizes, and how much protective packing material will be required to get your household all packed up? We have the answer. After one of our estimators visits your home to discuss your plans and get an idea of your furniture and room contents, we’ll be able to provide all the packing materials you need right to your doorstep. Our professional-quality boxes and packing supplies are built for durability and protection, and we also have custom options for belongings like stemware and fragile dishware, computer and electronic equipment, flat screen TVs and hanging wardrobes. We’re usually right on target, but should you send you’re running low, just give us a call and we’ll deliver what you need.

Professional packing services. While most people dread the packing process, our professional packing team derives great satisfaction from the act of organizing, sorting, and perfectly packing an entire home or business into neatly stacked boxes. You’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing your belongings are packed safely, securely and expertly – with not an inch of space wasted and with enough packing paper and/or bubble wrap to protect even your most fragile china or stemware. Do you prefer to pack some things on your own? You may be a candidate for our Bronze Packing Level. Would you rather have us pack and unpack every single thing? Then ask us about our Platinum Level packing options. We’ll fit our professional packing services based on how much or how little you want to do on your own.

Custom packing for antiques, fine furniture and art. Some things are best left to professionals. Those include fragile heirloom items, antiques, fine furniture and art work. Any items that are valuable or precious to you should be given extra special care when they are packed and transported – near or far. In some cases, we may even use custom-built crates for added protection, or we may orchestrate a more custom-scheduled moving plan to accommodate households that have more than the usual amount of precious furnishings or collectibles.

White Glove Moving & Storage has decades of experience serving Weehawken and the greater state of New Jersey. We’re expert at problem solving and working with complicated logistics. Our team will work with you to create a moving plan that’s adapted especially to your household, business, needs and schedule.

Contact our team of estimators to schedule an appointment for your free, firm estimate or to learn more about our services and prices. 1-800-340-1911.

Special Services Offered by White Glove Moving, Your Weehawken Movers

In addition to our standard local and long-distance moving services, we offer specialty services, like:

Military moves. We’ve had the honor and privilege of moving military families to and from New Jersey and New York for more than 20 years. We understand exactly what you need and can provide all the paperwork and weight-based estimates required by your branch of the military. Our team is experienced at multi-family moves, multi-household moves and the staggered moves, often required by transfers that don’t correspond with the school calendar or other important events. We look forward to serving your family.

Commercial relocations. Is your business moving into a new building, or perhaps relocating to a new city our state? If businesses had middle names, ours would be Logistics. Contact White Glove to schedule an on-site meeting with our commercial moving estimators. They’ll tour your office building and/or facility and together we’ll work out the best schedule for organizing, sorting and packing work stations, network and copy stations, warehouses, storage areas and so on. The commercial moving crew works around the clock to make sure your business experiences the least downtime necessary when it’s time to move.

Green moving practices. If you prioritize sustainability, you’ll be pleased to learn that White Glove Moving & Storage prioritizes green moving practices whenever we can. Our planet is irreplaceable, which is why we do our part to conserve its resources. Each year, White Glove Moving saves thousands of gallons of fossil fuels by observing a no-idling policy for our moving fleet, providing hybrid and electric cars for our team of estimators and by keeping our modern moving trucks in peak condition. We also use packing materials made from recycled products and prioritize sturdy, re-usable packing crates for our commercial customers. Electronic invoicing, billing and payments enhances customer services and saves trees to boot.

Customer rewards program. The best compliment you can give us is to recommend us to family, friends or colleagues. If you do, we’ll return a hearty thank you in the form of an AmEx gift card as soon as their move is complete.

Ready to learn what it’s like to get white glove treatment from an experienced, licensed and insured moving company? Contact us here at White Glove Moving & Storage and we’ll show you how easy moving can be. 1-800-340-1911.