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By Popular Demand, Here Is Some Information About Tipping


When deserving, our movers greatly appreciate your generosity.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the moving industry is how much to tip your movers. In fact, Google ranks it as one of the highest volume searches having to do with moving. The more places you look, the more answers you will find. In our nearly 3 decades of experience, we have put together a general guide to assist in answering this question.

Of course tipping is not required by any means; however, if you feel your movers worked hard, were attentive to your needs and did an exceptional job, you may want to thank them with a tip. 

The next obvious question is “How much do I tip the movers?”

A general guide as to how much to tip each of the movers is as follows:

The average amount to tip would be about $5.00 – $7.00 per hour per mover. For example, if your team worked 4 hours, each mover would receive $20.00 – $28.00 (the average crew is 3-4 men). Bear in mind that on multiple day moves, the team that helps you move out of your former residence might be different than the team that helps you move into your new residence, so be sure to tip each team separately. The gratuity should be given to the foreman at the end of the move; the foreman is a trusted employees that will divide the tip equally.

No matter how much you decide to tip, the moving crew will greatly appreciate your generosity. 

Any questions can be directed to our confirmation team at 201-705-1991.

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